The Evolution II Laser System for advanced skin care, acupuncture, beauty, musculoskeletal & LLLT

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The Evolution II is our most advanced Low Level Laser. It has state of the art features including:
* Touch screen display
* User controllable power of
   each pad                                        * Continuous wave or two pulsed
Your Choice of two configurations:
* 6 laser pads with TEN 650nm
   160mW high powered laser
   diodes, and
* 6 laser pads with TEN 830nm 200mW infrared laser diodes
* 2 laser pads with TWO 650nm 160mW laser diodes
* 12 laser pads with TEN 650nm 160mE high powered laser diodes, and
* 2 laser pads with TWO 650nm 160mW laser diodes
* Both systems have our revolutionary laser cluster with SIX 200mW 830nm and FOUR 160mW 650nm laser diodes as well as our SINGLE 830nm200mW laser probe
* Professional laser goggles and much more is included



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All we can say is WOW!  Our just released Evolution II Lasers even exceeds our high standards. They feature more lasers and laser probes for total treatment versatility and are more AFFORDABLE than any professional laser we have ever offered. Two Configurations are available to fit your clinical practice. They have been designed to be effective for Inch Loss, Lipo Laser, Laser Therapy, Pain Relief, Stop Smoking Treatment, Beauty Applications, Acne, Wrinkles and Fine Lines, Stretch Marks, Wound Care Stimulation of Acupuncture Points, and More!
Our all-new Evolution II lasers have just arrived and they are truly state of the art with perform non-invasive lipolaser, hair regrowth, treat musculo-skeletal conditions, pain, perform beauty applications such as photofacials, stretch marks, wrinkles, reduce the closure time in wound care, treat addictions, more features and benefits that any system we have ever offered. They are based on our long term experience with therapy, beauty and Lipo Lasers combining the best features of all of them into one unit. You can easily and conveniently smoke cessation and so much more. By combining all the applications in one unit, you eliminate the need for multiple devices and save equipment costs. It comes in TWO different configurations, Option One has 6 large 650nm laser pads, each with 10 160mW laser diodes, 6 large 830nm laser pads, each with 10 200mW laser diodes and 2 small laser pads, each with 2 160mW laser diodes. Option Two substitutes the 6 infrared probes for 6 additional large 650nm lasers pads each with 10 160mW laser diodes for a total of 12 650nm pads. Both systems include our single 820nm 200mW hand probe to allow more precise control such as when treating acupuncture points and smoking addiction. Again included in BOTH systems we have added our all new Cluster probe with 4 650 nm 160mW lasers and 6 830nm 200mW laser diodes. This combination probe is great for pain, wound care, stretch marks, musculoskeletal conditions and more. With all this flexibility and power, you can target more areas at once greatly cutting down the time spent with clients and maximize revenue. The Evolution II is now available at an incredible introductory price as long as you agree to participate in our clinical evaluation program. The Evolution II system starts with our Advanced Control Base Unit featuring 14 laser pads with adjustable power output along with the cluster probe and hand probe. The laser operates in continuous wave and two pulsed frequencies. Included with the system are the laser pad positioning belts, a waist massager, both professional and client goggles, all forms and manuals and a lot more. Learning the procedure is quick and the laser guides you through the process. You are up and running treating clients almost immediately. Here’s what clients are saying about our original lipolaser plus:    


We are getting stellar results! I'm so impressed with the LipoLaser. At the rate were going I may need a second Lipo Laser- is that price point a one -time thing? I'll be finishing the after photos for some patients next week &  I'll  email  them to you if you'd like. Let me know. Thank you so much for including me in this adventure-you're the Best! Cheers!  Dr. A.W. "


The Evolution II is suitable for all skin types

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