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FDA Cleared Phototherapy LED Device

Infra-red Photon Therapy Device


FDA Cleared

Our Infrared Photon Therapy LED device has been FDA cleared to provide infrared energy that penetrates the skin to promote increased blood flow and circulation, thereby providing temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, and muscle spasm. The elevated tissue temperature also promotes relaxation of muscles of muscles and relief from pain resulting in improved range of motion. The Pain Relief Phototherapy device is cleared for home use!


  • - Infrared LED: reaches 10 mm deep into your skin .
  • - Low power, High Energy: No need for a cooling medium.
  • - Temperature control: warm and comfortable.


Infrared Photon Stimulator for Health

Infrared is a modern scientific therapeutic heating device which provides deep, infrared heat that can penetrate far below the surface of the skin to produce a soothing, comforting effect upon the nerves. It relieves muscular tension, reduces inflammation and provides pain relief without medication for many conditions such as: arthritis, bursitis, sinusitis, tennis elbow, back ache, neuralgia, muscular pains, aches, sprains and other musculoskeletal conditions.
On a cellular level, an increase in heat above the cellís normal temperature causes an increase in the cellís metabolic rate. This increase is due to several events that occur simultaneously within and around the cell. The increased heat causes increased permeability of cellular membranes, which allows for greater exchange of the cellís cytoplasmic contents with itís environment.

Photon Stimulator Series for Beauty

Help to vitalize cells, enhance blood circulation, increase oxygen supply, strengthen skin tissues and improve metabolism and excretion by using natural light wave that transmits into skin and activates light perception cells where energy is absorbed by hemoglobin, proteins, carbohydrates and fats for better skin. It balances skin and enhances blood circulation, prevents the formation of melanin pigment, and remedy acne and dermatitis, smooth pocks and lighten scars. It also moderates anti-wrinkles.

How It Works

The low power laser works well on adjusting bio-energetic and encouraging mechanical functions. It is effective on relieving the inflammation and pain, anti-infection, promoting tissue repair, accelerating the blood circulation, improving the metabolism and immunity, etc.

  • Promote the synthesis of collagen tissues
    Proliferation of the capillary
    Accelerate blood circulation
    Increase the synthetic energy of the nucleic acid
  • Pain relief:
    Promote the blood circulation, drain out the painful causes
    Stimulate the end nerves directly to block pain transmission
    Wedensky effect
  • Meridians effect:
    Treating the Meridian points with low power LED can revive the related organizations without invasive fear and hurting the skin tissue.
  • Beauty care:
    Low power LED can stimulate and improve skin . It is useful to eliminate wrinkles and scars, to prevent aging, to regain elasticity.
  • Treatment time: 
    10 times for one treatment session, once every day or every two days, not over 30 minutes per treatment. 3 treatment sessions are fine for more severer conditions. Take a week of rest between treatment sessions.

Phone: (508) 790-9300 Fax: (888) 508-7798
For additional information, Call (508) 790-9300 or Email: sales@healthandbeautylasers.com WEB:LaserTherapeutics.us

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