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Omega Laser Systems - is one of the oldest and most respected laser manufacturers in the world. They continually conduct extensive research into numerous conditions with low level laser therapy in order to bring you the most advanced lasers available. More Info>>>


MediCom Maestro & MediCom SMART Laser - systems are among the finest low level laser therapy systems in the world. MediCom specializes in computer control of its devices to provide consistent results for the newest therapist as well as the more experienced professional.     More Info>>>


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Therapy Lasers are our ONLY business - At Laser Therapeutics we specialize in the finest low level therapy. We provide on-site training and full documentation on safe and effective laser use. More Info>>>


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LED IR Laser Light - Helps to vitalize cells, enhance blood circulation & strengthen skin tissues by using natural light waves that transmits into skins and activates light perception cells where energy is absorbed to better your skins.
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FDA Cleared - Low Level Laser Therapy Acne Light.   Three models. ASC Acne Light
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Medicom Laser Systems


Laser Therapeutics Is Proud to Present the FDA Cleared Maestro Therapy Laser System Featuring the laser of the new advanced MDTL ( Menu Driven Therapy Laser ) generation meeting even the highest demands of laser therapists. Available accessories and therapeutic laser probes listed below. Linescan, Quatro, CCM Probes, More..

Advanced laser of the MDTL generation, meeting even the highest demands of laser therapists!

  • Two laser probes with different parameters can be connected with the unit simultaneously.
  • One laser probe for point therapy together with an auxiliary scanner for large area applications can be connected with the unit simultaneously.
  • Automatic adjustment of parameters of therapy according to chosen diagnosis.
  • Your own desired parameters of therapy can be stored in the memory of the unit for frequent use.
  • Wavelength:635nm, 670nm, 830 (IR) nm.
  • Output power: 4 - 720 mW depending on wavelength.
  • Possibility to decrease output within the range 10 - 100% of power.
  • Integrated power-meter.
  • Frequency modulation 0 - 10 000 Hz.
  • Main supply, battery sources available (SMART/CCM).
  • Simple operation, maximum protection.

Key features of the Maestro

Two laser probes with different wave- lengths can be connected to the unit  simultaneously.  One laser probe for point therapy together with an auxiliary scanner  for large area applications can be connected to the unit simultaneously. Available probe wavelength is 830 (IR)nm.  Power output range up to 450 mW. The units feature adjustable power output from  up to 450mW down to 10mW with only one probe! 110v current operation with optional battery source available Simple operation and  maximum protection. Complete computer controlled therapy treatment parameters. The therapist can store therapy parameters in the Maestro's main memory for easy recall and use. It features an exclusive Electronic key lock for security. It is highly transportable with its travel case.

SMART - portable battery laser

smart scan laser therapy

Laser therapy for all fields of medicine and for beauty salons

SMART / CCM is designed as an accessory desktop laser Maestro, allowing the use of a wide range of laser probes in the field regardless of power source. SMART also be purchased separately with a laser probe as a simple portable battery laser.

  • Very simple operation
  • Automatically adjust therapy parameters (dose, frequency) selection according to selected diagnosis.
  • Automatic identification of parameters connected probe.
  • Wavelength-type probe 635n, 670nm, 830 (IR) nm.
  • Performance depending on wavelength 700-200 mW.
  • Selection of program card with the most common diagnoses: acupuncture, dermatology, gynecology, surgery, cosmetology, neurology, general laser therapy, ENT, orthopedics, pediatrics, practical medicine, rehabilitation, rheumatology, sports medicine, dentistry.
  • Programmable cards on request.
  • Operate on AA batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • Indication of the battery and during therapy.

Available Accessories


quatroCCM Quatro is a new accessory for MAESTRO therapy laser system. It is a multi laser cluster probe destined for surface irradiation. CCM Quatro was designed for fast and successful treatment of larger surfaces e.g. joints, burns or dermatitis. Due to the high power of cluster laser probe, Quatro saves time duration of therapy and increases its efficiency. Operation of CCM Quatro is very easy, similar to single laser diode CCM.

" Thanks to the blue aiming diodes irradiated area is brightly visible through protective glasses. "

CCM Quatro is operated by MAESTRO or SMART control units.

Cluster probes:
CCM Quatro 670nm with 4 80mW laser diodes.
CCM Quatro 830nm with 4 180mW laser diodes.
CCM Quatro Combi with 4 80mW 670nm lasers and one 830nm 450mW

Suitable for:
dermatology, surgery, cosmetology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation,
rheumatology, sports medicine, orthopedic

LineScan - Linear laser scanner

linescan laser therapy deviceIs a part of Maestro/CCM therapeutic laser system. LineScan is intended for automatic application of laser therapy on larger surfaces.

  • Quite even irradiation of treated area with accurate dosage of energy
  • Saves time and efforts of therapists
  • Simple Operation
  • Versions of wavelengths and powers:
    670nm - 40mW and 70mW
    830nm - 450mW

670nm / 40 or 70mW -
for superficial applications

linescan therapeutic device

Energy of red light emitting laser is absorbed in superficial layers of skin and tissue (penetrating to less than 1 cm). 40 and 70mW output provides sufficient power reserve to achieve biostimulating effects.

Most suitable for:
corrective dermatology, cosmetology, dermatology, esthetics, plastic surgery, surgery.

Frequent applications:
acne, biostimulation of skin, burns, decubitus, dermatitis, eczema, Laser Mask application, post-op treatment, scars treatment, ulcus cruris.

830nm / 450 - for
deep-seated applications

linescan therapeutic device

Infra-red laser is an ideal tool for irradiation of deep-seated tissue structures. High power output makes even the most demanding pathologies treatable in rather a short time. Simultaneously irradiated red-laser pilot beam provides exact control of treated area.

Most suitable for:
physiotherapy, rehabilitation, rheumatology, sports medicine, orthopedy.

Frequent applications:
arthritis, back and neck pains, locomotive apparatus disorders, post-traumatic conditions, myorelaxation...

CCM Laser Probes

CCM wide range of laser probes with different parameters of wavelength and power Wavelengths: 635n, 670nm, 830nm

medicomFeaturing deeper penetration (up to 2 cms.), the CCM 670nm laser probe can be used for superficial applications as well as for irradiation of tissue structures and smaller joints. These probes are optimal for universal use and for acupuncture. they can be ordered in 25 - 40 - 80 mW versions

Laser Probe 670 nm (UNIVERSAL)

Their penetration is higher and why they can be superficial, but also serve as irradiation of tissue structures at depths of up to 20 mm. They are suitable for universal use and for acupuncture. They are supplied with power from 40 - 80 mW .

Laser Probe 830 nm (Infra)

Performance probes with a large penetration depth into tissue (5 cm) are optimal for irradiation koubn�ch lots and deep structures, but a burden for surface applications. The offer includes a laser sensor performance with 300 - 450 MW.

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