Low Level Laser Therapy Devices & Equipment


Omega Laser Systems- is one of the oldest and most respected laser manufacturers in the world. They continually conduct extensive research into numerous conditions with low level laser therapy in order to bring you the most advanced lasers available. More Info>>>


MediCom Maestro & MediCom SMART Laser-systems are among the finest low level laser therapy systems in the world. MediCom specializes in computer control of its devices to provide consistent results for the newest therapist as well as the more experienced professional.     More Info>>>


The Beurer SoftLaser for Beautiful Skin-& so much more. The Softlaser is a true laser for personal use. It is "user friendly" & has many available options & accessories. Its wavelength is ideal for beautiful skin & anti-aging. Non-invasive, safe & highly effective! More Info>>>


CTL Laser Offers the most versatility of any laser manufacturer. Their lasers are available in a wide variety of configurations including scanners, clusters & low-priced hand held devices. Their lasers are of the highest quality & design & supported by years of manufacturing & research experience. More Info>>>


Support By Leading Professionals -We're not just another 30 minute weight loss or stop smoking opportunity company! Our only business is laser therapy. We provide support by a team of the worlds most respected researchers. More Info>>>

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Therapy Lasers are our ONLY business - At Laser Therapeutics we specialize in the finest low level therapy. We provide on-site training and full documentation on safe and effective laser use. More Info>>>


View Clinical Trials Data - from some of the worlds leading researchers such as Dr. Mary Dyson, Prof. Paul Bradley, Prof. David Baxter and many other researchers. More Info>>>


Our Newest Partner - Lasers and LED Devices for a wide range of conditions.
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Our Haircare Lasers - Laser Therapeutics is your resource for todays latest laser technology for a multitude of uses including hair growth.
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Laser Exhibitions and Events - find out more information on Laser Therapeutics products and services, case studies, clinical trials, and latest break-throughs. See for yourself what the power of light can do for you!
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FDA Cleared - Acne light
Three models. More Information...
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