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The ALL-New Fourth Generation of the Health and Beauty SL50 Evolution Cluster Laser

Now available and shipping.

     Presenting Our Most Advanced Laser Ever!
The 4th Generation SL50 EVOLUTION Laser is now shipping.   Order Now!
Evolution: Development - Growth – Progress!
Evolution is the only way we can describe our most advanced laser ever. The concept of the Sl50
Evolution was taken from our professional laser series and modified to provide all the features but still be suitable for home use. It is truly the evolution of light therapy!

Key Features of the SL50 Evolution laser:

Laser Class:        


Class 3R Laser Product in Continuous Wave and Pulsed mode, Classified Per EN 60825 - 1:2007

Laser Diodes:     

Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAlAs)


Each wavelength is individually selectable: Continuous wave or pulsed at 20Hz.

 Power output:     

Max.  5 milliwatts per diode


635-660nm  < 5mW x 8 lasers; 830-845Nm  < 5mW x 4 lasers

Power Supply:


Replaceable Rechargeable AAA Size Lithium Battery Pack, 800 mA/ IEC Type LR 03. Rechargeable Battery operated and Adaptor operated. Adapter input AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz, Output 5.0V 1000mA


Selectable continuous Wave or pulsed at 20Hz for each laser wavelength

Rated Voltage:   

Charger 6V DC. Batteries 3.6V Battery Pack


Operating: 50 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit Storage: 14 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit


Internal Supply, IPX0


On or Off; Timer controlled 1-20 minutes


1 to 20 Minutes

 Travel Case


 We continue to improve our product offerings based upon client feedback. The last 3 runs of our SL0 Evolution sold out very quickly. We have just completed our fourth production run and the revision SL50 Evolution is now available for shipment! The last three manufacturing runs were a huge success and both quickly sold out. We continually updated its features to include both 635nm red lasers and 830nm infrared laser diodes. The 635nm red laser diodes are absorbed by the dermis and stimulate skin cells. The 830nm infrared laser diodes penetrate through the skin and are absorbed at debths to 4CM below the skin. See our section on clinical data about laser therapy and how each wavelength contributes toward cellular function. The SL50 Evolution incorporates a host of advanced featured in a personal laser device such as both red (8 each) and infrared (4 each) laser diodes which are user selectable. It can also be operated in the continuous wave mode or “pulsed” mode, at 20 Hz per second. Each laser wavelength is selectable for either pulsed or continuous wave as well as either wavelength being able to turn off so red or infrared can be used by itself.  The SL50 Evolution includes a soothing massage feature which can be used to stimulate and relax the skin. This feature can be turned off if you wish. The internal timer can be set from 1 to 20 minutes operating time. It includes a user replaceable battery pack and a 110v-220v power supply. It is ideal for all skin types.  Call our office to order now to insure delivery as soon as they become available. Don't miss out before they are sold out again.


So Much More. See all at

Read Dr. Mary Dyson's Clinical Paper featuring the SL50.

Dr. Mary Dyson's Paper

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