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Laser Class: Continuous wave operation

Class 2M Laser Product Classified Per IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and -3, En55014-1 and -2, En55016.2-3

Laser Class: Pulsed wave operation

Class 2M Laser Product Classified Per IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and -3, En55014-1 and -2, En55016.2-3

Laser Diodes

Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAlAs)

Beam Operating Mode: The On button is clicked once

Continuous wave- no pulsing

Beam Operating Mode: The On button is clicked twice

Pulsed at 20Hz

Power Output

> 5 milliwatts




2  x 1.5 V non-rechargeable Alkaline AAA batteries type LR 03

Rated Voltage

Batteries Total  3V DC

Operating Environment

50 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Storage Environment

14 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Class of Protection

Internal Supply, IPX0


Skin Massage feature included. Hold down the on/off button in either mode for 3 seconds to turn the massage function off or to turn it on again.

Timer, Operation

10 Minute timer, Press on/off button to turn the laser on

Our SOFTLASER PLUS is a marvel of U.S. engineering and ingenuity. This little device has proven to be an affordable option to expensive spa and dermatologist treatments. It is a true laser and designed for anti-aging and beauty treatments. It uses are endless and it has proven to be highly effective on so many skin conditions. Now Health and Beauty has made our softlaser even more effective. Based on the Beurer Softlaser, our Softlaser Plus arrived after two years in development. Based on our 10 year experience with the Beurer Softlaser, we added the features and improvements our team of researchers and over 60,000 of our clients wanted in a hand held, personal use laser therapy device developed specifically for beauty applications. We are now in the third evolution of the Softlaser Plus and have made substantial improvements to it. The Softlaser Plus features a precise 635nm wavelength preferred by our research team and laser therapy experts worldwide. The 635nm laser can be operated in both continuous wave and pulsed frequencies, either mode is selectable and can be switched between modes as desired by the user. It also has a gentle massage feature that can be turned on or off. The laser therapy Softlaser Plus is ideal for red light therapy on all types of skin. It can be used on almost any part of the body. It has a gentle massage feature which provides gentle stimulation to the skin when the softlaser is in use. It has a built in 10 minute timer and comes with a convenient travel case, 2 aaa batteries and a detailed user manual and treatment card. You can visit to purchase one of these highly effective and safe home use softlaser therapy devices. We know you will be amazed with the results.

Click here to read the Scientific Article "Laser Therapy at home for anti-aging"

soft laser treatment

Light is Life...

Since the beginning of time, our daily routines have been determined by the light of day. We set our life patterns to coincide with the sun’s passage in the sky. In ancient times, the sun was considered magical because of its curative powers. Sunlight makes us feel healthy and happy. That is why so many people love the beach. It has been proven that light affects our bodily processes in a fundamental way and that a shortage of light can lead to skin problems. When we are deprived of light, we feel fatigued.

Not All Light Is The Same..

Laser therapy incorporates only the beneficial spectrum of light and contains none of the harmful effects of sunlight. Sunlight encompasses the full spectrum of the rainbow from violet to blue, green, yellow, orange and red as well as the invisible wavelengths ultraviolet and infrared. Some of these frequencies of light can be harmful to the body. The Softlaser Plus operates in the “Red” spectrum at 635nm which is one the most beneficial for beautiful skin. Red light therapy as provided by Softlaser Plus laser therapy means renewed energy for our cells. 

Softlaser Light Therapy is Great fot the Skin...

lasertherapeutics\images\softlaster2a.jpg...and a lot more. Cellular energy (ATP) needs to be produced by each individual body cell in order for it to operate properly. If the cell does not have sufficient ATP, it is fatigued and susceptible to illness and infection and cannot function the way it was intended. To operate at optimal efficiency cells have their own small “power station”- the mitochondria to produce ATP. The fuel to power the cell to produce ATP is light. Production of cellular energy is accelerated as soon as the cells are stimulated by soft laser light. This contributes to more beautiful and youthful looking skin.

The Skin-A Marvel...

Our skin is not just a covering which separates our body from the outside world. It is a vital organ with many functions. The external surface of the body protects us against harmful influences, helps regulate the body temperature, serves as a blood reservoir and defends us against numerous pathogens. Furthermore, it registers various external sensory stimulation and information.  Don’t let the term “Laser” scare you. The Softlaser Plus does not cut or burn as surgical lasers do. Instead its light penetrates into the skin to stimulate cellular growth. You feel no discomfort from the treatment. Our Softlasers produce true laser light that is isochromatic and oscillates in a uniform parallel wavelength. The cells are stimulated and produce ATP. The Softlaser plus operate in the 635nm wavelength. The Softlaser Plus is a marvel of modern skin care technology. They work with the body’s natural functions to enhance cellular energy production. The results are a more beautiful you. We make absolutely no medical claims about the Softlaser plus. It is sold to help your skin look more vibrant and beautiful. The Softlaser Plus was developed by and is exclusive with Laser Therapeutics, Inc. It has a one-year warrantee and come with 800 number customer support.



While we can make no medical claims, the Softlaser Plus is highly effective as part of an overall beauty treatment regime. These little lasers can be purchased in many areas of the world for personal use.

lasertherapeutics\main-1.gifPersonal Care Solutions by Health and Beauty Laser

Your appearance speaks volumes about who you are. A well groomed man exhibits confidence. In turn, this confidence helps you succeed at everything you do. The Beurer Softlaser was the product you wanted for the confidence you need and I am sure the new Softlaser Plus will be even more effective because of its updated and advanced laser therapy features.

Laser Therapeutics offers you all-natural products to help your body work the way nature intended it to. We are the exclusive distributor of the Softlaser, the most effective way to maintain your skin's healthy appearance.We specialize in light activated Health and Beauty products that are proven to be highly effective and reliable and are the best products available anywhere! 

The Softlaser
Plus is ideal for skin and much more. This personal laser incorporates "trade" secrets utilized in the finest Spas and salons around the world. The technology is completely safe and effective and is now available for use in the privacy of your own home.

Read Dr. Mary Dyson's Clinical Paper featuring our Softlaser.

Dr. Mary Dyson's Paper

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